Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Those darn kids!

I had planned to work in the sewing cave all morning and well into the afternoon. I have several monster pant orders to fill (hooray!) and I wanted to fill the holes in the ol' inventory. But did I get to do all of that? Oh no. I did not. And why, you might ask? Well, if you're at all observant, the title of this entry might clue you in. No? Well, I'll wait while you catch up...

Yes! That's right! The kids! I think the public schools need to address summer brain leak. It is a huge problem in this household. And I think the older they get, the larger the leak. We need to invest in corks or something. I need resources, people.

One would think the instructions "clean up the kitchen after breakfast" might include doing something about the entire box of Raisin Bran that somehow made its way to the kitchen floor. Jumped out of the box? Hmm... However, "clean up the kitchen after breakfast" appears to mean "just leave your bowl there on the table while you wander around the house, making sure to step on the pile of Raisin Bran while yelling bossy things at your brother." See, brain leak. The words went in and then they oozed out, leaving behind the default message built into most teenage boys - I'M INVINCIBLE! I SHOULD DO WHATEVER I WANT. I had to leave the sewing cave about three gazillion times due to the DO WHATEVER I WANT piece of all of that. Unfortunately, my youngest was wanting to assert his power over his brother by creating all sorts of trouble. And not the I-can-ignore-it-if-I-can't-see-it kind. Nope. The I-hope-the-house-isn't-on-fire-by -the-time-I-get-upstairs kind.

I escaped to the library by 10:30 and not much got done after that. Sigh... There are people out there who work in a studio outside their home. On days like this I have to stop to remind myself of the benefits of my in-home studio. And believe it or not, being home with my boys is on the top of the list. I must be insane.

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