Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best foot forward

Just for the record, I'm never on the computer. So the idea of my writing a blog is truly absurd, yet here we are...

I have time to fritter away on the computer because sewing is fairly difficult now that I have broken my right foot. I tried using my left to operate the ol' Bernina, but alas, it was not to be. I spent too much time with the seam ripper and my language bent toward colorful. Perhaps I will try again tomorrow. I broke my foot two days ago running through a church without shoes on. Sensible shoes are a beautiful thing and I shall ever embrace them. Let this be a lesson to all. Or at least to those foolish enough to run barefoot where one shouldn't be running barefoot.

Orange Fishy has been swimming long (aren't I a card?) as the summer unfolds. I attended my first art fair of the season the first weekend in June. It rained, but I did fairly well despite the weather. Minnesotans are a hearty bunch and it usually takes more than rain to deter them from a warm weather outing. Summer doesn't last long enough out here to go throwing away perfectly good Saturdays simply because it decided to rain.

The Midtown Farmers' Market is in full swing and I was there for my first Saturday just this past weekend. Decent weather, fabulously friendly people, out-of-this-world rhubarb/caramel crepes...mmm, what could be better, I ask you? The MFM is my best venue and I truly love the whole experience of the market. For those of you in the area who might actually read this, I'll be there -bum foot and all - this coming Saturday, June 26th.

We now have crowns! I'll get pics up soon of those, too.

-The Fishy Mama

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